Proven Track Record

Frank Vaccariello is an experienced marketing communication professional with a track record of designing and running successful digital campaigns.

Why You Should
Go With Frank!

Experience, education and practical knowledge to help any company or organization find its audience and communicate the proper message through the appropriate channels:


  • More than 10 years of online marketing and communication experience.


  • More than 20 years of public relations, communication, and marketing experience.

Website Content

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Nearly 20 years of content management and more than 14 years of designing and building websites on many CMS, including WordPress, LiveSite, CommonSpot, and other proprietary systems.

Email Campaigns

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More than a decade of experience as an early adaptor of email marketing strategies. Have used Constant Contact, MailChimp, MailerLite and other email providers.

Digital Advertising

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More than 10 years of experience with digital ad campaigns on many platforms including Google, Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo/Bing, and other forms of banner ads.

Social Media

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More than 12 years using social media as a marketing tool. I have used and taught the use of these tools to small business owners and others.


  • Generated such high anticipation for a new product through an award-winning promotional campaign that it sold out before the first run was completely off the line.
  • Increased the monetary donations to a charity by nearly 100% from previous year through teamwork and solid communication strategies.
  • Generated more than three times the previous high of annual nominees for a high school hall of fame through an Email and social media campaign.
  • Increased the attendance for an academic program through a digital-only campaign by 100% over the previous year. Applications increased by 150%.
  • Enticed the US Olympic Committee to consider, then choose, a large athletic facility for training and qualifying events through a video production.
  • Convinced enough voters, on their last chance, to choose building all new schools for the district through a video documentary.

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